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Floating Cities, No Longer Science Fiction, Begin to Take Shape獨立且自給自足的新創國家 海上城市走出科幻小說

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2017/12/22 第197期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份
紐時周報精選 Floating Cities, No Longer Science Fiction, Begin to Take Shape獨立且自給自足的新創國家 海上城市走出科幻小說
Studying Fake News About Voltaire, Spread by Voltaire Himself閱讀伏爾泰寫自己的假故事
Floating Cities, No Longer Science Fiction, Begin to Take Shape獨立且自給自足的新創國家 海上城市走出科幻小說
文/David Gelles

It is an idea at once audacious and simplistic, a seeming impossibility that is now technologically within reach: cities floating in international waters — independent, self-sustaining nation-states at sea.

Long the stuff of science fiction, "seasteading" has in recent years matured from pure fantasy into something approaching reality, and there are now companies, academics, architects and even a government working together on a prototype by 2020.



At the center of the effort is the Seasteading Institute, a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco. Founded in 2008, the group has spent about a decade trying to convince the public that seasteading is not an entirely crazy idea.

That has not always been easy. At times, the story of the seasteading movement seems to lapse into self parody. Burning Man gatherings in the Nevada desert are an inspiration, while references to the Kevin Costner film "Waterworld" are inevitable. The project is being partially funded by an initial coin offering, a new concept sweeping Silicon Valley and Wall Street in which money can be raised by creating and selling virtual currency.



And yet in 2017, with sea levels rising because of climate change and established political orders around the world teetering under the strains of populism, seasteading can seem not just practical, but downright appealing.

Earlier this year, the government of French Polynesia agreed to let the Seasteading Institute begin testing in its waters. Construction could begin soon, and the first floating buildings — the nucleus of a city — might be inhabitable in just a few years.



"If you could have a floating city, it would essentially be a startup country," said Joe Quirk, president of the Seasteading Institute. "We can create a huge diversity of governments for a huge diversity of people."

The term seasteading has been around since at least 1981, when avid sailor Ken Neumeyer wrote a book, "Sailing the Farm," that discussed living sustainably aboard a sailboat. Two decades later, the idea attracted the attention of Patri Friedman, grandson of economist Milton Friedman, who seized on the notion.



Friedman, a freethinker who had founded "intentional communities" while in college, was living in Silicon Valley at the time and was inspired to think big. So in 2008 he quit his job at Google and co-founded the Seasteading Institute with seed funding from Peter Thiel, the libertarian billionaire. In a 2009 essay, Thiel described seasteading as a long shot, but one worth taking. "Between cyberspace and outer space lies the possibility of settling the oceans," he wrote.






at once一般指「同時地」或「立刻」,在本文中與both同義,是比較少見的用法。initial coin offering是「首次代幣發行」,是熱門籌資管道,新創公司發行代幣,投資人用虛擬貨幣購買代幣,之後再用代幣交換該公司產品,或用代幣投機炒作。

intentional community是有共同理念的人刻意建立的社區,生活方式另類,社區財產往往共有,外人要加入一般須經既有成員同意,不是透過仲介介紹。libertarian指重視個人自由、反對政府干預的人。

Studying Fake News About Voltaire, Spread by Voltaire Himself閱讀伏爾泰寫自己的假故事
文/James Barron

The invitation, all fancy-looking script, promised "dinner and perhaps a birthday party."

There was definitely dinner. It was served to 70 boldface types — Francophiles, Anglophiles, bibliophiles and, the organizers hoped, philanthropists who would donate to the cause being promoted.



Yes, as at so many dinners in similar settings night after night in Manhattan at this time of the year, a cause was being promoted.

The setting was the Fifth Avenue mansion that McKim, Mead & White, the architects to the rich and famous of the original Gilded Age, designed for Payne Whitney. He was once the third-richest man in America after John D. Rockefeller Jr. and Henry Ford. The town house is now the New York headquarters of the cultural services division of the French Embassy.


活動場地是第五大道的一棟豪宅,是原始鍍金年代富豪名流專屬建築師McKim, Mead & White為佩恩惠特尼所設計的。他曾是排在小洛克菲勒與亨利.福特之後的全美第三大富豪。這座聯棟別墅現為法國大使館文化服務部門的紐約總部。

And the birthday party? No one sang "Happy Birthday to You." No cake with candles was trundled out. The birthday celebrant was not present, having died in 1778 — Voltaire, the philosopher who wrote the satire "Candide" and is prized by free-speech advocates for a famous saying: "I disagree with what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it."

Voltaire was the cause — or, more precisely, the cause was a scholarly project to publish everything that he wrote, which was a lot.



But the central figure in this monumental effort to assemble and explicate the works of a central figure in the French Enlightenment is British.

His name is Nicholas Cronk, and he is happy to defend to the death Voltaire's right to confuse us all. He is also happy to make the case that Voltaire could be slippery with the truth, at least about himself.



Cronk is the director of the Voltaire Foundation at Oxford University, which is issuing "The Oxford Complete Works of Voltaire," the first exhaustive annotated edition of Voltaire's writings — novels, plays, letters. "The Oxford Complete Works" will run to 220 volumes by 2020, after the last 18 are completed and released.

A pamphlet in the goody bag handed out as the dinner guests left said that Voltaire's fans revel in his productivity. They love it that his lifetime output far exceeds the word count of the Bible.



"I think he wrote too much," Cronk said, with the nervous laugh of someone racing to ensure that everyone involved in preparing six volumes a year is meeting the deadlines.

He said Voltaire was so prolific because he was popular in his own time. He called him "the first-ever European celebrity."



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