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Taiwan’s Endangered Black Bear 重振「熊」風 人人有責

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Taiwan’s Endangered Black Bear  重振「熊」風 人人有責
by William Ryan


  The Formosan black bear is Taiwan’s only endemic bear and its largest land animal. Considered sacred by indigenous tribes, this cute bear subspecies is __1__ by everyone in Taiwan. A favorite among visitors to the Taipei Zoo, the Formosan black bear was voted the most representative of Taiwanese wildlife.
  Formosan black bears live in remote, mountainous parts of Taiwan. These solitary creatures are known __2__ as the dog bear, white-throated bear, or moon bear. Feeding mainly on leaves, fruits, roots, insects, and small animals, they add acorns to their diet during certain times of the year. Fast runners and skilled swimmers, Formosan black bears have a habit of avoiding human contact, __3__ their exact numbers difficult to estimate. There is another reason for the uncertainty of the Formosan black bear population and its future. The declining numbers of these rarely-sighted animals, officially listed as endangered, are attributed to all-too-common causes—habitat destruction and illegal exploitation traceable to humans.
  In 2018, a young cub was found __4__ its mother near a waterfall in Hualien County, hungry and malnourished. Animal conservation authorities nursed it back to health within nine months, and returned it to the wild, but not without controversy. The location of the cub’s release was to be kept secret, but a TV news crew was __5__ the helicopter carrying the animal, filming everything. Since the cub’s release on April 30, 2019, its subsequent movements have been monitored via satellite tracking. Hopefully in the future, the bear will regain a defense that serves the species well—its natural timidity toward humans.
1. (A) adored  (B) erased  (C) informed  (D) opposed
2. (A) fluently  (B) variously  (C) similarly  (D) respectively
3. (A) make  (B) made  (C) making  (D) are making
4. (A) plagued with  (B) reserved for  (C) confused about  (D) separated from
5. (A) on duty  (B) on board  (C) on the spot  (D) on the edge

subspecies n. 亞種(單複數同形)
 species n. 物種(單複數同形)
wildlife n. 野生動物(集合名詞,不可數)
mountainous a. 山區的,多山的
solitary a. 非群居的;單獨的
acorn n. 橡實
habitat n. 棲息地
exploitation n. 開發
cub n.(熊、獅、虎等的)幼獸
malnourished a. 營養不良的
helicopter n. 直升機
satellite n.(人造)衛星
timidity n. 膽怯

1. Considered sacred by indigenous tribes, this cute bear subspecies is adored by everyone in Taiwan.
a. (A) adore vt. 喜歡,熱愛
• It wasn’t until Mary graduated from college that she came to realize that Ken adored her.
(B) erase vt. 抹去,擦掉
• Could you please help me erase the blackboard?
(C) inform vt. 通知,告知
inform sb of sth  通知某人某事
• Gina informed me of the change in our class schedule.
(D) oppose vt. 反對
oppose N/V-ing  反對……
= be opposed to N/V-ing
• Most of the staff opposed the idea of moving the company to a new location.
b. 根據語意,這個可愛熊熊亞種被原住民族視為神聖的動物,並「受到」臺灣所有人的「喜愛」,故 (A) 項應為正選。

2. These solitary creatures are known variously as the dog bear, white-throated bear, or moon bear.
a. (A) fluently adv. 流利地
• Kate speaks Spanish fluently because she grew up using it with her parents.
(B) variously adv. 不同地,各式各樣地
• The cost of building that tower has been variously estimated at between 60 and 80 million US dollars.
(C) similarly adv. 相似地;同樣地
• In this restaurant, men must wear a suit and tie. Similarly, women must wear a formal dress.
(D) respectively adv. 分別地
• London and Paris are the capitals of the United Kingdom and France, respectively.
b. 根據語意,這些獨居動物以狗熊、白喉熊及月熊等「不同」名稱為人所知,故 (B) 項應為正選。

3. Fast runners and skilled swimmers, Formosan black bears have a habit of avoiding human contact, making their exact numbers difficult to estimate.
a. 原句實為:
Fast runners and skilled swimmers, Formosan black bears have a habit of avoiding human contact, which makes their exact numbers difficult to estimate.
b. 在上述形容詞子句中,由於關係代名詞 which 代替的是前面整個句子,因此要用逗號與主要子句隔開。該形容詞子句可化簡成分詞片語:首先將關係代名詞刪除,之後的動詞變成現在分詞;若動詞為 be 動詞,變成現在分詞 being 後可將 being 省略。
c. 根據上述形容詞子句化簡法,將關係代名詞 which 刪除並將動詞 makes 變成現在分詞 making 後即成本句,故 (C) 項應為正選。

4. In 2018, a young cub was found separated from its mother near a waterfall in Hualien County, hungry and malnourished.
a. (A) be plagued with...  
plague vt. 困擾;折磨
• Even though they were plagued with financial problems, the young couple managed to save money.
(B) be reserved for...  專供/保留給……
• This room is reserved for VIPs only.
(C) be confused about...  對……感到困惑
• I was still confused about what had happened after Jason’s explanation.
(D) be separated from...  與……分開/隔開
• Iris was separated from her friends by the big crowd.
b. 根據語意,2018 年,有人在花蓮縣的某個瀑布附近發現一隻「與」母熊「分開」、飢餓又營養不良的年幼小熊,故 (D) 項應為正選。

5. The location of the cub’s release was to be kept secret, but a TV news crew was on board the helicopter carrying the animal, filming everything.
a. (A)
on duty  執勤,值班
off duty  下勤務,下班
• That guard fell asleep while he was on duty last night.
on board  
• There were 12 children on board the ship when the accident happened.
on the spot  當場;立刻
• Much to my excitement, my girlfriend accepted my proposal on the spot.
on the edge 常用於下列用法中:
on the edge of...  在……的邊緣
• That country is reportedly on the edge of bankruptcy.
*bankruptcy n. 破產
b. 根據語意,這隻小熊被野放的地點應不對外公開,但一家電視新聞小組一同「登上」了載著小熊的直升機並將一切拍攝下來,故 (B) 項應為正選。

1. endangered a. 瀕臨絕種的
• This river is home to several endangered species of fish.

2. endemic a. 地方特有的
 be endemic to + 地方  是某地特有的
• Many species of animals are endemic to China, including the giant panda.

3. sacred a. 神聖的
• Churches, temples, and mosques are all considered sacred.
*mosque n. 清真寺

4. indigenous a. 原住民的;土生土長的
 be indigenous to + 地方  是某地特有的
• This kind of plant is indigenous to South Africa.

5. estimate vt. 估計,估算
• It is estimated that about 500 people were injured in the train accident.

6. destruction n. 破壞,毀壞
• The floods brought destruction to the area, leaving many people homeless.

7. conservation n. 保育;保護
• The conservation group condemned the fishermen for killing endangered whales.

8. controversy n. 爭議(性)
• The minister caused controversy when he bought a car with church funds.

9. subsequent a. 隨後的,接著發生的
• Willy made it through the first round of the spelling bee but failed the subsequent one.

10. monitor vt. 監控,監視
• Rumor has it that our boss has set up several hidden cameras to monitor us.

11. defense n. 防禦,保衛
• The world must tighten its defenses against infectious diseases.
*infectious a. 傳染性的

1. be known as...  以……名稱/身分為人所知
• Sean is known as a very talented writer.

2. feed on...  (尤指動物)以……為食
• Frogs feed on small insects, like flies and mosquitoes.

3. be attributed to...  歸因於……
attribute vt. 將……歸因於
• The child’s declining health can be attributed to poor dental care and hygiene.
*hygiene n. 衛生

4. be traceable to...  可追溯至/起源於……
traceable a. 可追蹤的;起源於……的
• Lisa’s illness was shown to be traceable to the dangerous chemicals that factory illegally dumped.

have a / the habit of V-ing  
• Many people in Taiwan have the habit of taking an afternoon nap.
be in the habit of V-ing
• Phoebe is in the habit of drinking a cup of coffee every morning before work.
develop a / the habit
form a / the habit
make it a habit to V
get into a / the habit of V-ing

• Most people develop a habit subconsciously.
*subconsciously adv. 下意識地
• Roger has gotten into the habit of reading one book every week.
break a / the habit
kick a / the habit
get out of a / the habit of V-ing

• It’s hard to break a habit that you’ve had for a long time.
• Thomas should really get out of the habit of wasting money.

重振「熊」風 人人有責

  臺灣黑熊棲息於臺灣的偏遠山區。這些獨居動物以狗熊、白喉熊及月熊等不同名稱為人所知。牠們主要以樹葉、果實、樹根、昆蟲及小型動物為食,在一年之中的某些時候還會吃橡實。臺灣黑熊跑得快且擅長游泳,並習慣避免與人接觸,這讓牠們的確切數量難以估計。臺灣黑熊的數量及其未來的不確定性還有一個原因。這些被官方列為瀕危的罕見動物的數量下滑,是由於司空見慣的因素所造成的 ── 可追溯至人類對其棲息地的破壞及非法開發。
  2018 年,有人在花蓮縣的某個瀑布附近發現一隻與母熊分開、飢餓又營養不良的年幼小熊。動保單位在九個月內照料牠恢復健康並讓牠回到野外,但這並非毫無爭議。這隻小熊被野放的地點應不對外公開,但一家電視新聞小組一同登上了載著小熊的直升機並將一切拍攝下來。自從這隻小熊在 2019 年四月三十日被野放後,牠後續的動向都一直由衛星追蹤系統監控。但願在未來,這隻熊會重獲對該物種有益的防禦能力 ── 也就是天生對人類的畏懼。
1. A 2. B 3. C 4. D 5. B


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